About Us

After the great flood referred to as the first death, all the different human species were returned to earth in their own UFO's. The Awakeningseries Books (1+2) reveal ancient UFO evidence published as PDF files, with scientific proof of ancient astronauts, after the discovery of the Bible Code Circle. The end of time revealed the planetary alignment of the sun with the center of the galaxy. The Aztec Indians didnt know they had craved the modern day 360 degree Mariners Compass onto the Aztec Sunstone Calendar before 760AD, that it would be revealed after the End of time final day prophesy. The Bible was used as a UFO reference book, warns of Final Day tribulations and the earth will burn up in a super nova lake of fire. UFO's returned to earth for the end of time also confirm angels will seperate one nation from another, and the book of names are for those who the Bible say will be saved from the Final Day Lake of Fire, are the Chosen Elect.  The Ultimate price of $15 gives a low price as the UFO humans also helped in the writings of the U>S> constitution and the world religious books for those who will become the end of time elect to know.