Welcome to The Awakening Series Five Books.

       Ancient Alien Humans built great monuments and than they hid UFO Messages to Mankind in hidden Mysteries.

     Awakening Series Books (1+2) Reveal Ancient UFO Science and Technology using the newly discovered Bible Code Circle.

Book One clearly reveals artwork of all the alphabets created around their decoding circles. The Bible Code Circle revealed how the  six primary colors of sunlight  created the Star of David using the 12 tribe member numbers of Moses. Electric alternator design revealed on the decoding circles. See the electo magnetic propulsion design. The I-Ching six-four hexagrams on the decoding circle revealed the 6400 mil military compass. See Tarot cards. The Science of Light and Color are revealed in the HOLY Bible using the newly discovered Bible Code Circle.

Book Two reveals the Aztec Universe religious drawing as a four season plant growth cycle. It displays the four season layout of the tarot cards and the Chinese tarot card pictures. The Aztec Sunstone of 760ad had a Mariner's compass design carved into the top before the compass needle of the 1300's was used. Japenese Sen coins of the 1890's had compass rose designs while  India's ancient religious artwork had compass directions sewn into them.

Book Three displays older art works of the earths basic motions in space. Book Four display the original hand drawn artwork copies of the Bible Code Circle discovery in 1981. Book Five defines constitutional issues as Webster wrote the American English dictionary and helped write the American Constitution, it questions the concept of the no trespass laws as unconstitutional, the Great Seal and the ancient All Seeing Eye are psychic final day UFO clues.

                                            Bible Code Circle revealed Ancient Astronaut Evidence.

                                    Books One and Two reveal the only UFO Ancient Astronaut Proof.

                            Add On's PDF Bundled Books 3 4 5. Are Included in the Ultimate 5 Bundle!

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                  Where did mankind come from, UFOs are all around the world. Evidence hidden in the Bible and Book One reveals scientific Proof.

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Awakening series books (1+2) reveals ancient astronaut evidence after the modern discovery of the Bible Code Circle, scientific proof was hidden in the Holy Bible Book of Numbers. Jesus knew he only spoke parables to the people using the Bibles secret riddles. Final day prophecy now come true with the Holy Bible published in all nations in a pure language, English, after the end of time on dec. 21, 2012. Tribulations are now seen all over the world. Ancient human astronauts wrote hidden science into the Bible scriptures and other spiritual writings all around the ancient world, it was written evidence which reveals their Ancient UFO messages for mankind about the final day fire and the sixth and final extinction of all life on the earth. Ancient writings from India reveal the earth will burn up in fire, are clues of Ancient UFO world wide evidence. The Holy Bible reveals hidden UFO science technology from ancient human Astronauts using the Bible Code Circle.